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More on Social Security

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Another victim of COVID-19: Social Security

Long-term and short-term problems are looming

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Why suspending the Social Security payroll tax is a terrible idea

It doesn’t solve today’s problems and sets bad precedents in terms of messing with the program

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Don’t worry, you’ll still get your Social Security, even with the coronavirus crisis

Beware of scammers trying to cash in on COVID-19 fears, the commissioner says

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Do workers really want to gamble their Social Security benefits on Wall Street?

Learning from the coronavirus rout

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I tested 2 free Social Security retirement calculators, and here’s what I found

When is the best time to claim Social Security benefits? And how to adjust your expected payments if you intend to retire before 62?

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There are no magic fixes for Social Security

It will require revenue increases or benefit cuts — but raising the full retirement age is not a third option.

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Planning to retire someday? Then you should care about this: Social Security and Medicare are under threat

Get ready for cuts or tax hikes

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Democrats and Republicans agree on this: Social Security and Medicare need help — and soon

Filling public trustee jobs for Medicare and Social Security is a step to shoring up the programs

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Mike Bloomberg joins the list of presidential contenders offering only vague promises to fix Social Security

It’s really little more than a vow to think about the problems.

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Mike Bloomberg thinks the government needs to do more for your retirement

The former New York City mayor suggests reform for Social Security, Medicare and elderly assistance.

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Do millennials really deserve a ‘gold star’ for retirement saving?

Is $6,933 the new goal for 22- to 37-year-olds?

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Life expectancy is up slightly — and that’s good news

But life expectancy at birth has never been particularly relevant for Social Security

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Trump’s election year gamble: Slashing the social safety net

Are benefits in jeopardy?

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Want to solve the retirement crisis? Invest $7,500 for every baby born in America

A proposal says this new account will help older Americans live with dignity.