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These beaten-down stocks should be big gainers, but investors aren’t in a bargain-hunting mood

Value strategy continues to lag in a market where earnings growth is scarce, writes Mark Hulbert.

Franklin Templeton to Close Six India Credit Funds

The U.S. money manager said its India unit will close six mutual funds with a combined $3.4 billion in assets, after some corporate bonds they held fell in value and the funds were hit by a wave of investor redemptions.

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U.S. Crude Prices Hit New 18-Year Low and Banks Report Poor Earnings

Despite their recent poor earnings, it's not a bad time to be a big bank. WSJ’s Paul Vigna breaks down this week's winners and losers. Photo: Mark Kauzlarich/Bloomberg News

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This FIRE couple was down $232,000 as of April 1. Here's their plan

Steve and Courtney Adcock retired early. While they've lost six figures in the stock market, their plan to ride out the coronavirus-driven downturn includes an off-grid house in Arizona.

BlackRock’s Profit, Assets Under Management Fall

Profits fell by 23% in the first quarter, as the global coronavirus pandemic and waves of selling gripped the investment world.

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Tax Season Silver Linings

Tax-loss harvesting can have tax benefits that will last for years or even decades. Ellie Ismailidou of MarketWatch explains how you can take advantage.

Morgan Stanley Quarterly Profit Falls 30%

The Wall Street firm’s profit fell 30% in the first quarter, the last big U.S. bank to lurch through a period of stress wrought by the coronavirus.

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Despite Pandemic, U.S. Home Prices Could Very Well Hold Steady in 2020

Sales are likely to decline precipitously, but the housing market faces far fewer challenges than in the last economic downturn

Citigroup Profit Slides 46% Amid Coronavirus Fallout

Citigroup’s profit for the first three months of the year fell to $2.52 billion as executives warned it will be difficult to estimate the full extent of the loan losses the bank is likely to suffer in coming months.

Goldman Braces for Loan Losses, but Its Wall Street Arm Shines

The bank’s profit fell 46% in the first quarter, a three-month stretch when the coronavirus pandemic battered markets, companies and investors hoarded cash and the U.S. economy ground to a halt.

Bank of America Profit Drops 45%

The bank, the second largest in the U.S., said profit fell 45% in the first quarter and it set aside billions of dollars to cover potentially bad loans during the coronavirus crisis.

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Property Funds, Distressed Investing, Friends Reconnect

Individual investors found that withdrawal window for property funds was shut; private-equity fund to launch a roughly $5 billion distressed-investing fund; and people have rekindled friendships amid social distancing and ...

JPMorgan Prepares for Wave of Defaults Linked to Coronavirus

The largest U.S. bank, bracing for a severe recession, set aside another $6.8 billion to cover potential losses on loans to consumers and companies struggling to stay afloat during the coronavirus shutdown.

Wells Fargo Profit Falls 89% Amid Coronavirus Crisis

The bank’s first-quarter profit sank 89% and it set aside billions of dollars to cover potential losses on loans to borrowers hurt by the coronavirus pandemic.

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This widely used stock valuation measure says the S&P 500 is 35% overpriced

Stock analyst’s discounted cash flow model calculation pegs S&P 500 fair value at 1,800, writes Mark Hulbert.