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The latest coverage from MarketWatch on the 2020 United States presidential election.

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Democrats’ promises of student-loan forgiveness and free tuition are not the answer

Higher education should not be so recast as an entitlement but rather the decadence of present arrangements should be targeted for pro-market reforms.

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Watch: Obama endorses Joe Biden in his bid to oust Donald Trump

Former President Barack Obama on Tuesday publicly endorsed Joe Biden for president in the November elections after waiting to see who would emerge from a crowded field of candidates during the Democratic Party’s primary vo...

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Sanders endorses Biden for president, saying it’s critical to defeat Trump

Former Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Monday endorses Joe Biden’s White House bid, saying it’s critical for President Donald Trump’s opponents to unite against the incumbent.

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Bernie Sanders exits Democratic presidential race: ‘The path toward victory is virtually impossible’

Bernie Sanders on Wednesday announces that he is exiting the Democratic presidential race, in a move that leaves Joe Biden as the last man standing in a contest that once had more than two dozen contenders.

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Wisconsin primary: Biden says he’s ‘done well,’ with results not expected until Monday

Wisconsin’s election on Tuesday also is watched for signs of how voting could happen during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary: Biden has big polling lead over Sanders as voters cast their ballots

As voters in Wisconsin cast their ballots on Tuesday in their state’s Democratic presidential primary, Joe Biden has a big lead over rival Bernie Sanders in polls of the Badger State’s voters.

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More on Election 2020

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U.S.-China relations are bad and getting worse, with major ramifications for trade and investment — and the U.S.’s presidential election

China is becoming a major campaign issue, as leaked Republican campaign document shows, writes Beijing-based Tanner Brown.

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Poll finds that 39% of Americans support elections by mail, up from 19% in 2018

Americans’ support for mail-in voting has jumped amid concerns about the safety of polling places during the coronavirus pandemic, but a wide partisan divide suggests President Donald Trump’s public campaign against vote b...

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Barron’s Big Money Poll: More Pain Ahead for Stock Market in 2020, Better Days Next Year

Our latest Big Money Poll finds U.S. money managers anxious about stocks as the coronavirus spreads. But they see the market and economy rebooting in 2021.

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Biden supports nationwide voting by mail, calls Trump’s opposition ‘un-American’

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is calling on Congress to provide enough money for every state to allow voters to cast a ballot by mail this November amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Only 23% of Americans have high levels of trust in what Trump is saying about the coronavirus: Poll

President Donald Trump has made himself the daily spokesman for the nation’s coronavirus response. Yet few Americans regularly look to or trust Trump as a source of information on the pandemic, according to a new survey fr...

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Michigan governor says Trump’s inconsistent messages to public cause ‘greater danger’

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s plan to suspend immigration is distracting from efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic and part of “inconsistent messages” that spread fear and ...

U.S. Small Business Deal May Be Near, Mnuchin, Democrats Say

The U.S. and Congressional Democrats are nearing a deal to provide additional funding for the lending program intended to help small businesses stay afloat and keep employees on payroll.

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Trump’s new advisory group on reopening economy includes Tim Cook, Mark Cuban, Jerry Jones

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he’s enlisting advisers from nearly all sectors of American commerce, the medical field and elected office to help shape his plans to reopen the coronavirus-battered economy.

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Trump surpasses even Hoover at mismanagement and the coronavirus fallout proves it

The current U.S. president is most experienced in the art of the poor deal, writes Chris Edelson.

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Biden victorious as Wisconsin finally releases primary election results

Joe Biden emerged victorious Monday in Wisconsin’s Democratic presidential primary, a turbulent election far more significant for the struggle over whether it should have been held at all last week amid the coronavirus pan...

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‘Coronavirus doesn’t care who you’ll vote for in November.’ My boss says the virus is a conspiracy and told me to work — even though I was just tested

‘I’m falling through the cracks. I worry that if I do get COVID-19 and die, my husband and children will have no recourse against this employer.’

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Trump reposts tweet calling for firing of Dr. Fauci

Social restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus could have saved lives if they’d been started earlier, and when they’re eased new cases are certain to arise, said the nation’s top infectious disease exp...

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Fauci says parts of U.S. economy could gradually start re-opening as early as May

The United States’ top infectious disease expert said Sunday that the economy in parts of the country could have a “rolling reentry” as early as next month, provided health authorities can quickly identify and isolate peop...

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Biden says he wants to speak with Trump about effective White House responses to past crises

Joe Biden said this week that he wants to speak with President Donald Trump in the hope that the president can “learn some lessons” from the Obama administration on how to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

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Dow Jones Industrial Average Fell as Unemployment Is Setting Records

Stocks tumbled Friday on grim jobs data. Economists expect the reading to get much worse in the coming weeks.

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How Trump could outflank Biden and win re-election

Trump needs to expand his appeal beyond disaffected blue-collar workers. Paradoxically, if he looks to the disappointed among Sanders’s base, he could still win.

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America Faces a Second Great Depression. What Washington Must Do to Prevent It.

To mitigate a recession or avert a depression, lawmakers must take bold measures to help businesses and workers. The fate of the economy depends on it.

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Alabama delays March 31 GOP Senate runoff to July 14 because of coronavirus

Alabama is postponing a closely watched Republican primary runoff between former U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions and a formidable rival because of the coronavirus, the governor announced Wednesday.

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This controversial energy stance splits top Democrats — and likely the country

The debate over controversial fracking in 2020 battleground state Pennsylvania — especially as the U.S. tightens its clasp on energy independence — divides the last Democrats vying for the party’s presidential nod. Their p...

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Stock market’s declines signal a defeat for Trump in November

Bad news for Donald Trump The stock market is a more powerful presidential re-election indicator than GDP, inflation and the unemployment rate combined.