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Trump Today

A daily update on key presidential actions by President Trump

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Trump suggests U.S. shouldn’t bail out Democratic-run states

President Donald Trump suggested on Monday that federal money shouldn’t be used to aid states and cities run by Democrats, as he met with governors seeking billions of dollars in coronavirus assistance.

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‘The Postal Service is a joke’: Trump threatens to block loan if agency doesn’t raise prices

President Donald Trump on Friday threatened to deny a loan for the U.S. Postal Service if it doesn’t raise prices for delivering packages.

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Trump says he’s ordered Navy to destroy Iranian gunboats ‘if they harass our ships’

President Donald Trump warned Iran on Wednesday that he’d ordered the U.S. Navy to destroy any Iranian ships that “harass our ships at sea,” one week after close encounters between vessels from the two nations.

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Trump calls for plan to support oil, gas industries as prices tumble

President Donald Trump in a tweet on Tuesday said he’s instructed his Treasury and Energy Secretaries to craft a plan to make financial relief available to U.S. oil and gas developers “so that these very important companie...

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‘Liberate’ Democratic-run states with stay-at-home orders, Trump urges

President Donald Trump on Friday appeared to take sides with protesters who are angry with stay-at-home orders in three Democratic-run states, tweeting “liberate” about each one.

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Rex Nutting

The latest columns from Rex Nutting

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Explaining the oil market’s dive: Petroleum became more trouble than it’s worth

The broken global economy can’t provide what we need, like PPE or a night out, but it has no problem producing what we don’t need, like petroleum.