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Their Stories

A series about lives lost during the COVID-19 pandemic

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The numbers can be numbing: Tens of thousands of dead in countries around the world, with the World Health Organization warning that the global death toll could be in the millions.

It can be easy to forget that in each figure is a story, a life lived: A 42-year-old cancer survivor and mother of six children who friends remember as “genuine, selfless, courageous”; a legendary Japanese comedian; a New York City nurse who brought empathy and joy to his job; a Cameroonian musician who represented African music in the wider world.

There’s the story of Marlowe Stoudamire, an unrelenting champion for Detroit. And the story of Maurice Berger, a curator and art critic who kept race at the forefront of American consciousness. The stories of two Chicago sisters, Patricia Frieson and Wanda Bailey, who were denied an in-person funeral because of quarantine. There are many more.

In the weeks and months to come, Barron’s Group is attempting to paint portraits of individuals whose lives have been claimed by the pandemic. We hope it will serve as a memorial, so that their stories do not get lost in the numbers.

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Alan Finder: In a 45-year career in journalism, he always kept his cool and remained ‘a nice guy’

Finder, 72, died on March 24 of COVID-19, leaving his mark as an editor and reporter, mostly at the New York Times, but also on his newsroom colleagues.

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Steven Dick: British diplomat in the prime of his career dies after contracting coronavirus

He’d become deputy head of mission at the U.K.’s embassy in Budapest just months ago.

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Floyd Cardoz, an influential and gregarious New York-based chef, has died at 59 due to the coronavirus

The ‘Top Chef Masters’ winner, who had tested positive for COVID-19, helped introduce the city to Indian fine dining.