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Rex Nutting

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Rex Nutting writes the Money and Power column for MarketWatch, based in Washington. Previously he was Washington bureau chief, responsible for our economic and political coverage. Rex has been a journalist for nearly 40 years, including 23 years with MarketWatch and long stints with UPI Financial, the Salt Lake Tribune and the Patriot-Ledger in Quincy, Mass. He earned a master's degree in economics from The American University.

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We’ll need to keep the vital organs of the economy alive while we hunker down waiting for the pandemic to end

Millions of Americans could lose their jobs in coming weeks as we fight the coronavirus. Millions of American businesses may not have the cash flow to survive an extended shutdown. They need cash.

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Why a stronger safety net would save lives in the coronavirus outbreak

If any good can come from this terrible pandemic, it could be the recognition that public health is a public good. We all need each other to be as healthy as possible.

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Coronavirus threat is changing human behavior, so economic forecasters are flying blind

It’s impossible to predict what people will do in an epidemic, because people are rapidly changing their behavior, says David Kelly, winner of the Forecaster of the Month contest.

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The coronavirus is taking aim at consumer spending, the heart of the American economy

With the coronavirus now spreading in communities around the country, it’s becoming more likely that the epidemic will slam consumer spending.

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The Fed can’t stop coronavirus from slamming the economy, but it could ease the pain

Contrary to what everyone is telling you, the Federal Reserve might actually be able to help if the economy began to weaken because of the coronavirus.

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If the coronavirus isn’t contained, a severe global recession is almost certain

The coronavirus epidemic is going to have a much bigger impact on the global economy than stock-market investors and policy makers had assumed.

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Donald Trump wants to pay us hush money to keep silent about his abuse of power

The president and his defenders in the Republican Party argue he should be given a pass because of all the good things he’s done for the economy and the stock market.

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‘Pretty good’ economy will keep being ‘pretty good,’ award-winning forecaster says

The economy is OK, and that’s pretty good, says economist Jay Bryson of Wells Fargo.

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Trump is coming up short on his promises to restore all the factory and mining jobs

President Trump’s promises to bring back jobs are coming up short.

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Trump’s bragging ignores these cracks appearing in the economy’s foundation

A softening economy risks sinking Donald Trump this November as it did Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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For now, the flu is a bigger risk than coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak is not under control yet, not by a long shot. But all too often we ignore the familiar things that kill and instead obsess over distant threats.